The Families Matter Advocacy Service serves families with identified needs who are currently or who have previously attended the Strengthening Families Programme. The provision of this service extends the flexible, strengths based wraparound model of family based intervention which SFP already provides, and builds on the multi-agency approach. The focus of the Advocacy Service is to encourage and support families to speak up for themselves so as they can enjoy the education, health, lifestyle and living conditions that should be available to all families. It supports families, parents and guardians to advocate on behalf of themselves and their children.

The Families Matter Advocates are trained professionals who come from a range of multidisciplinary backgrounds. All Families Matter advocates have worked on a 14 week Strengthening Families Programme and are independent of other services. To find out more about the bespoke Families Matter Advocacy Training please contact us.

“Advocacy is a means of empowering people by supporting them to assert their views and claim their entitlements and where necessary representing and negotiating on their behalf. Advocacy can often be undertaken by people themselves, by their friends and relations, or by persons who have had similar experiences. Delivering an advocacy service means providing a trained person who, on a basis on an understanding of a client’s needs and wishes, will guide and support that client to make a decision or claim an entitlement and who will, if appropriate, go on to negotiate or make a case for him/her. “ Adapted from Advocacy Guidelines: Citizens Information Boards, 2007

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