E-Learning Module – Alcohol Related Brain Injury (ARBI)

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Today is World Brain Day 2022 “Brain Health for All” & Alcohol Forum Ireland are delighted to announce:

a 40 minute e-learning module on Alcohol-Related Brain Injury is now available on HSELAND for all HSE staff and section 38 and 39 organisations.

Alcohol-Related Brain Injury

  • Alcohol-Related Brain Injury is a form of Acquired Brain Injury occurring as a consequence of chronic alcohol use disorder and comorbid malnutrition.
  • Approximately 35% of people with severe Alcohol-Use Disorder will develop some form of Alcohol-Related Brain Injury
  • Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation are all key to ensuring that people at risk of, or with Alcohol-Related Brain Injury have opportunities for recovery.

What is the impact of Alcohol-Related Brain Injury?

Fiona, a family member explains her experience of living with ARBI and the challenges she has encountered in trying to find support for her Mum.  

Part One: Alcohol-Related Brain Injury – Fiona’s Story Part One – YouTube

Part Two: Alcohol Related Brain Injury Fiona’s Story Part Two. – YouTube

What does the training cover?

  • This e-learning module aims to upskill professionals in recognising people with Alcohol-Related Brain Injury (ARBI) or people at risk of developing Alcohol-Related Brain Injury.
  • It provides and overview of common presentations and the multidisciplinary support, treatment and rehabilitation required to help people with Alcohol-Related Brain Injury achieve their full potential.

Who is this training for?

This training will be of interest to the following sectors:

  • Addiction – e.g. Counsellors, Community Outreach, Mental Health Nurses.
  • Acute Care and Primary Care Staff– e.g. Nurses, Doctors, Allied Health including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists.
  • Homelessness

How can this training be accessed?

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HSELAND is a training portal available to all HSE staff and section 38 and 39 organisations – it can be accessed on www.hseland.ie

With special thanks to the HSE Alcohol Programme, The Hospital Saturday Fund, Northwest Regional Drug and Alcohol Task force, the training development group for their support in making this training possible.

A special word of gratitude to the family member who shared their experiences as part of this training.


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