Have Only Positive Expectations (HOPE)

For families experiencing challenges that arise from stress, conflict, alcohol or other drug use, mental health or safety concerns.

What is HOPE?

HOPE is an evidence-informed six-week online programme for the ‘whole family’. It is a skills-based programme for families experiencing challenges that arise from family stress, conflict, alcohol or other drug use, mental health or safety concerns.

It is delivered online with individual families and skilled facilitators using the platform Zoom. Families are provided weekly with the handouts and supplies that allow them to participate fully in the programme in their own home.

The whole family approach means that the parents and young people all engage in the programme together and the programmes provides skills and knowledge to help families build and strengthen family relationships, bonding and provide positive family wellbeing. Families learn and develop skills that build family cohesion, develop resilience, and improve family communication whilst supporting the family’s safety.

How it works

HOPE is delivered with individual families online in their own home by two facilitators using the Zoom platform. Each session runs for 45-60 minutes once weekly and a family dinner is delivered on the evening of the programme. Resources required are delivered to the family each week for family skills activities.

Families can be referred on the programme by Community, Voluntary and Statutory organisations working with and supporting families including schools, youth groups, family support agencies, mental health services, etc.


Where it is available

The HOPE programme is an online programme and is available to families remotely. 

Who can take part

The HOPE programme is free and available to families with parents/guardians and children aged 6-18 years. 

"It has brought us together as a family, we spend more time together, talking, playing games, having fun! Our relationship changed, we are much closer"

HOPE Participant

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