Invitation to Inaugural meeting of WACAA


World Assembly for Community Action on Alcohol (WACAA) is an open & shared space for all Worldwide Activists & Groups working to Prevent & Reduce Alcohol Harm

Inaugural Meeting

Date: 27th January 2022
Time: 09:00am-12:00 am CET
Place: Zoom

What is the World Assembly for Community Action on Alcohol
  • The World Assembly for Community Action on Alcohol is a global shared space for people and groups engaged in community-based action to prevent and reduce alcohol harm.
  • The World Assembly for Community Action on Alcohol is a platform for discussion, networking, support, and empowerment. We come together to share best practices and success stories, to discuss common challenges, to network, and to empower community action on alcohol.
  • WACAA is an initiative by communities for communities to strengthen and amplify the voices of the grass-roots in local, natio-nal, and global alcohol prevention and control processes.
  • Why is WACAA needed?
  • Local communities are seismographs for alcohol harms in a society. Local people experience the harm caused by the products and practices of the alcohol industry first hand, and often before these harms receive wider attention from policy makers and academics.
  • WACAA is needed to facilitate discussion and promote solutions for how best to elevate the role of communities in shaping alcohol policy responses on all levels.
  • WACAA is needed to empower evidence-based community action on alcohol to build healthier, safer, and more inclusive com-munities for all people, and especially our children.
WACAA objectives

• Increase grass-roots participation in alcohol policy discussion on all levels.
• Contribute to community empowerment in alcohol policy advocacy.
• Facilitate best practice exchange among community activists worldwide.
• Establish and strengthen the valid role and unique expertise of community activists in alcohol policy development and implementation.
• Ensure communities and grass-roots are part of the knowledge formation processes in the area of evidence-based alcohol policy development.

Who can participate

WACAA is an open and shared space for all community activists and groups worldwide working to prevent and reduce alcohol harm. This gathering is open to organisations working at the local level and/ or supporting community level action. People, groups, and organisations that are funded or have any other ties to the alcohol industry front groups and public relations organizations have a conflict of interest and are not eligible to participate.

Outline WACAA in 2022

In 2022, WACAA could convene four times.
The Inaugural Meeting takes place on January 27, 2022.
Two topical meetings would follow in the spring and autumn of 2022 respectively. And we would conclude the first year with a global gathering to summarize the year, and possibly adopt a manifesto for community action on alcohol.

The themes for these gatherings will be identified collectively at the first meeting and in a community-driven process in preparation of the subsequent meetings.


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