Monaghan and Cavan Youth Substance Support (MaCYSS)

What is MaCYSS?

Monaghan and Cavan Youth Substance Support (MaCYSS) is a youth (12-18 years) and family alcohol and other drug service delivered by Alcohol Forum Ireland in partnership with HSE, TULSA, NE Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force.

MaCYSS is a multi-level project that incorporates both elements of community development and clinical intervention at a local level. The network model which underpins the project, ensures that MaCYSS can support, engage, and build capacity across Cavan and Monaghan to reduce and prevent alcohol and other drug harm among young people.

We are a team of skilled professionals who are enthusiastic and dedicated in providing a service for young people and their families who are presenting with alcohol and other drug concerns.

MaCYSS Network Training Directory

Training in the areas of alcohol and other drugs for parents, youth workers, teachers and others involved in promoting and protecting the well-being of young people.

How it works

If you are concerned about a young person affected by alcohol and other drugs, we will be able to offer support and suitable programmes/interventions for the young person and their family. We use a whole family approach as well as a network ‘working together’ approach.

We continue to work with the Cavan and Monaghan network and together use both our expertise and support in preventing and reducing youth alcohol and other drug related harm. 

We can also provide:
  • Alcohol and other drug clinical intervention and professional support to young people and their families.
  • A range of resources on alcohol and other drug topics related to young people and their families.
  • Education and awareness training to help services providers who engage with young people and families impacted by alcohol and other drug use.

Who is it for/Where?

MaCYSS is for young people aged 12-18 years and their families who are living in counties Cavan or Monaghan.
Our office is based in Cootehill; however. we cover all areas of Cavan and Monaghan.
The Launch of MaCYSS

MaCYSS and Flocking Arts

MaCYSS worked in partnership with Flocking Arts, a local filmmaker’s organisation to produce a short creative video about MaCYSS.

Young people from Monaghan & Cavan took part in six workshops & two shoot days which provided them with skills in the area of media production, including script writing, acting roles & video production. 

The workshops provided space for the young people for their voices to be heard on MaCYSS service in order to reach the targeted audience of their peers and families within Monaghan and Cavan. 

Thank you to Tusla Participation Initiatives who provided the funding for this project

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Meet the Team

Gemma McCabe
Therapeutic Practitioner
Team post 1
Laura Connolly
Youth Mental Health & Substance Use Clinical Worker
Catherine Sheridan
Clerical Officer

Find Out More...

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In Cavan & Monaghan

To find out more about MaCYSS in Cavan and Monaghan please contact; 

Publications & Resources

Cannabis: It’s a No Brainer
August 23, 2023


All you need to know about Cannabis and the teenage brain. Produced for AFI by our MaCYSS team
MaCYSS is here to help Young People – Leaflet
September 21, 2021


MaCYSS Leaflet for Young People (Cover)
(MaCYSS) Monaghan & Cavan Youth Substance Support - is here to help Young People to ‘live their best life’. - Leaflet for Young People
MaCYSS – Youth Services (Professionals) Leaflet
September 21, 2021


MaCYSS Leaflet for Professionals (Cover)
(MaCYSS) Monaghan & Cavan Youth Substance Support - Connecting Services & Workers Together - Leaflet for Professionals
MaCYSS – Rapid Assessment/Consultation July 2021
July 26, 2021


Results from a survey carried out with local people from Cavan and Monaghan to share their views and concerns in relation to youth alcohol and other drug use.

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