i-Mark : Supporting Independence From Alcohol Industry Influence

The Irish Community Action on Alcohol Network was launched in 2017 to support the continued development of community action on alcohol in Ireland and to facilitate collective working to prevent and reduce alcohol harm.

What is i-Mark?

The ‘i-Mark initiative: Supporting Independence from Alcohol Industry Influence’ has been developed by the Irish Community Action on Alcohol Network to reduce the impact that the alcohol industry is having on our lives and those of our children.

There is an inherent conflict of interest between the motives of the alcohol industry and our health and well-being. The industry is a significant source of misinformation and confusion about alcohol harms and is increasingly working to influence alcohol policy globally. With the I-Mark, we are seeking to engage the charity, community and voluntary sectors in a conversation about why independence from alcohol industry influence matters and through this process we are hoping to support organisations to sign up.

i-Mark Toolkit

The I-Mark initiative includes a toolkit, with a summary of evidence, a check list of conflict-of-interest questions to guide decision making and membership forms. All organisations that sign up will have their name displayed on Alcohol Forum Ireland’s website and will have access to the I-Mark branding for inclusion in their work.

To hear more or request a presentation on I-Mark to your network / organisation, contact paula@alcoholforum.org

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Supporters of the i-Mark

Alcohol Action Ireland
Alcohol Forum Ireland
Ballymun Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force  
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Blanchardstown Local Drug & Alcohol Taskforce
Blanchardstown Local Drug & Alcohol Taskforce
BLDATF – Dublin 15 Family Support
Clondalkin Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force
Cork Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force
Donegal Women’s Centre
Donegal Youth Service
Dublin 12 Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force
Dublin City PPN
Dublin North East local Drug and Alcohol Task Force
Finglas Cabra Taskforce Logo
Finglas Cabra Local Drug & Alcohol TaskForce
ICAAN – Irish Community Action on Alcohol Network
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Information Education Programmes
Letterkenny Youth & Family Service
Meath Drug & Alcohol Forum
National Strengthening Families Council
North Dublin Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force
North East Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force
North West Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force
Rise Foundation
South West Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force
Tallaght Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force
The Southern Regional Drug & Alcohol Taskforce
The Star Project - Ballymun
The Star Project Ballymun
Western Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force

Join the Movement

Download the i-Mark Membership Form

"The alcohol industry has no role in the formulation of alcohol policies, which must be protected from distortion by commercial or vested interests"

Dr Margaret Chan, Former Director General, WHO

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Would you like to learn more about i-Mark?


Contact Paula Leonard: National Lead on Community Action.  

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